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Harrison Forman @htforman

Founder of Brunch Media &  Producer of UpDating, Harrison Forman, is at the forefront of understanding why everyone in their 20’s is neurotic. You know why? He’s one of them or as most call him, the cliche Millennial. He is willing to share his awfully relatable, authentic experiences navigating life in your 20’s across dating, career, pop culture, travel, and finances.  Formerly on Facebook’s Media Partnership team, Harrison knows what it takes to craft stories & build communities. 

Harrison has spoken about the absurdity of life in your 20’s at conferences, improv events, and every “pregame” in San Francisco.  Among other locations. He has also been featured in @HalftheStory, Date/Able Podcast, Elite Daily, Business Insider, Prsuit, StartupGrind, and more. He was voted “2nd Best Dressed” in High School and most recently, “Top 50 Millennial to Watch” in 2018 (StartupGrind). The self-described “Un-Expert”, Harrison is originally from New Jersey and a recent NYC transplant.

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Brandon Berman @bermmy16

Host of UpDating, Brandon Berman, is a Long Island native and current New York City-based dating comedian.  As a former intern of the Howard Stern show & Page at NBCUniversal, Berman found a love for mediating and commentating on relatable stories.  After working on “The Tonight Show,” Brandon recognized the future of comedy as unscripted. His comedy is shaped by shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Jersey Shore” rather than any episode of the “Saturday Night Live.”  Brandon has performed all across the US, including prestigious venues such as the Comedy Store, Caroline’s Gotham and Broadway Comedy Club.

At Albany, he discovered his knack for interviewing people where he hosted his own radio show. He is now focused on telling relatable stories for his neurotic Millennial peers when it comes to dating, sex, and lifestyle.  Brandon is a graduate of SUNY, which he describes as “the most average school for a Long Island Jewish kid.