UpDating is a charming, high-octane adventure into the world of dating bringing two New Yorkers on a blind first date in front of an audience. What follows is an interactive show with audience participation, brutally honest moments, and relatable feedback on modern romance in real-time with real people.

SHOW STRUCTURE (80 Minutes):

Pre-Interview: We find out about the daters. Who they are? What is their story? What are they looking for? What is on their mind right now?

Vote: You get to vote on which daters will start off on the date!

Date Part 1: Watch two individuals on a blind date. DM us your topics or questions for the daters to discuss.

Halftime Reports: Each dater will report on how they perceive the date going (without the other person in the room — this is that moment when you text your friend during a date in the bathroom!).

Vote: You get to vote if this date should continue or if we should replace one of the daters.

Date Part 2: Whether it is the original daters or someone new, this is the 4th date. If you’re in the audience, you get a chance to pitch yourself to one of the daters so everyone gets a shot at love.

Reveal: You get to vote one last time on whether the daters should make-out, hug it out, and more in this “Town-hall” discussion.

Encore: We’ll invite certain single members of the audience to the stage to kick-off the after-party in a welcoming, open environment.

During the show, the “DM Zone” is open for audience members to suggest topics, offer feedback, and even, express interest in “crashing the date” if there is interest in one of the daters. There are no rules.